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I'm having difficulty creating a button on my catalog page, the catalog page returns either 8 15 or 20 products from a mysql database so i use a loop to pull each product out of the database, and i need a addtocart button which uses javascript to create an onmouseover effect the code is as follows

echo "<a href=\"catalog.php?buyproduct=$productNumber\" onmouseover=\"document.crt.src='images/addcrt_btn_dn.png'\"
<img src=\"images/addcrt_btn.png\" name=\"crt\" alt=\"Add to cart\" width=\"81\" height=\"24\"> </a>";

it displays the image properly but nothing happens when the mouse is put over the image. I'm guessing that this could be caused because since either 8 15 or 20 of these images are being created, the "name=crt" is throwing the whole thing off, if so how could i fix this?

Any advice would be helpful thank you!

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Instead of using the name attribute on the <img>, I would start by recommending you use the id attribute, as follows:

<img id="crt" />

Then you can change the src as follows:

document.getElementById('crt').src = 'images/addcrt_btn_dn.png';

Make sure you properly escape all those quotes properly, or work on generating the content another way (here's an example sticking with the name attribute):

<a href="catalog.php?buyproduct=<?php=$productNumber?>" onmouseover="document[crt].src='images/addcrt_btn_dn.png'" onmouseout="document[crt].src='images/addcrt_btn.png'">
<img src="images/addcrt_btn.png" name="crt" alt="Add to cart" width="81" height="24">
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thank you for your help Dolph, why is the id preferred over name? –  Doug Molineux Jan 23 '10 at 7:10
name attributes are not required to be unique, while id attributes are required to be unique identifiers on the page. When accessing elements through the DOM using JavaScript, it's obviously more convenient to be able to access a specific object by it's unique id. Normally when you want to access an element by name, you'll get an array of elements back, even if there is only one element with that given name. –  Dolph Jan 23 '10 at 15:08
o i see! well for some reason I still can't get this to work here's my new code <a href="catalog.php?page=1&fpage=25&spage=29&buyproduct=32403" onmouseover="document[crt].src='images/addcrt_btn_dn.png'" onmouseout="document[crt].src='images/addcrt_btn.png'"> <img src="images/addcrt_btn.png" id="crt" alt="Add to cart" width="81" height="24"> –  Doug Molineux Jan 23 '10 at 16:13
The code you just posted is mixing id and name. document[crt] accesses crt by name, but you also changed the name attribute to id. Instead of document[crt], access the id="crt" using document.getElementById('crt'). –  Dolph Jan 23 '10 at 17:23
well thanks for your patience sir, im not so hot with js as im sure you've noticed, here's what i got now <a href="catalog.php?page=1&fpage=25&spage=29&buyproduct=37900" onmouseover="document.getElementById('crt').src='images/addcrt_btn_dn.png'" onmouseout="document.getElementById('crt').src='images/addcrt_btn.png'"> whats happening with this is when i hover the mouse over the second addtocart button only the first src is switched, same with the third, do you think i need to somehow use an array to differentiate between each button? –  Doug Molineux Jan 23 '10 at 17:55

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