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Till very recently this feature was working where on app installation, the user was either presented an option to do the setup or automatically redirect the browser to the setup url. Now, it completely stopped working. Is anyone experiencing the same? If not, please let me know on how to debug this issue. Appreciate any help.

Thanks, Juzer.

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Same problem here... –  aleckz Jan 20 at 16:26
Is there a way to bring this to the attention of google API team quickly. –  user3213609 Jan 20 at 21:44
Yeah, it is unbelievable that google would not attend to this issue or at least acknowledge on this forum which they are suppose to monitor. –  user3213609 Jan 22 at 16:57
Looks like google fixed the issue. Back on the horse again :) –  user3213609 Jan 23 at 19:27
This is still broken. –  aleckz Feb 4 at 17:20

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