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When I want to compare two variables(One type Object, one type Long), I found that cannot convert Object to Long, for example:

Object obj = 100;
Long l_num = 100L;

System.out.println(obj.equals((Object)l_num));    // print false
System.out.println(((Long)obj) == l_num);         // throw java.lang.ClassCastException Exception

Then I can only compare the two with (obj.toString()).equals(l_num.toString()), it returns true.

But, the result is different when I compare Integer with Object:
Object obj = 100;
Integer i_num = 100;
System.out.println(((Integer)obj) == i_num); // return true System.out.println(obj.equals(i_num)); // return true System.out.println((obj.toString()).equals(i_num.toString())); // return true

Is there someone kindly tell me why two results are different and is there any method better to compare Object with Long ?

If it's a meaningful question you think, let's talk about it. Thanks.

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Consider what you are comparing and trying to cast to, 100 vs 100L. –  Sotirios Delimanolis Jan 20 at 3:56
What do you think this (obj.toString()).equals(l_num.toString()) does? –  Sotirios Delimanolis Jan 20 at 3:59
I didn't see anything weird happens here -_- –  Jonjongot Jan 20 at 3:59

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Long and Integer are different types. you compared objects of different types.

100 is int. So it is boxed to Integer. So obj and i_num can be compared.

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Its preety straight forward -

Object obj = 100;

This 100 is an integer and Object obj hold that integer reference, you can make sure by System.out.println(obj.getClass()); which prints class java.lang.Integer. And It is a example of auto boxing -

System.out.println(((Long)obj) == l_num);

(Long)Obj throws the ClassCastException as it is trying to cast Integer object to Long object which is invalid.

write form would be -

System.out.println(((Long)((Integer)obj).longValue()) == l_num); // it return true 
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Thx, the matter is the real type of obj. –  Diansonn Jan 20 at 6:15
can you give a example –  Subhrajyoti Majumder Jan 20 at 6:18

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