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I'm trying to make two finger rotation for my offline maps using osmdroid. I'm new to using maps for android. I have a geoTIFF, I'm planning to extract info using NDK and later send it to JAVA. I need to use the geoPoint to align with True North Up using compass as well. How can I proceed, any help?

I did try this: Android Two finger rotation example, but no luck, my app was not able to detect any two finger event.

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    mResourceProxy = new DefaultResourceProxyImpl(getApplicationContext());
    mapView = (MapView)findViewById(;

    //Mapview touch utilities

    //set initial zoom-level, depends on your need

    //Display Position Overlay
    /* Itemized Overlay */
            /* Create a static ItemizedOverlay showing a some Markers on some cities. */
            final ArrayList<OverlayItem> items = new ArrayList<OverlayItem>();
            items.add(new OverlayItem("Fruchthalle", "Kaiserslautern", new GeoPoint(nMyLat, nMyLong)));

            /* OnTapListener for the Markers, shows a simple Toast. */
            this.mMyLocationOverlay = new ItemizedIconOverlay<OverlayItem>(items,
                            new ItemizedIconOverlay.OnItemGestureListener<OverlayItem>() {
                                    public boolean onItemSingleTapUp(final int index, final OverlayItem item) {
                                                            "Place '" + item.getTitle()+ "' (index=" + index
                                                                            + ") got single tapped up", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
                                            return true; // We 'handled' this event.

                                    public boolean onItemLongPress(final int index, final OverlayItem item) {
                                                            "Place '" + item.getTitle() + "' (index=" + index
                                                                            + ") got long pressed", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
                                            return false;
                            }, mResourceProxy);
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Have you taken a look at the OpenStreetMapViewer sample app? There is the RotationGestureOverlay overlay in there that specifically shows how to do this. It isn't as smooth as I would like it, but it will do the job.

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