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How do I turn on the X and Y coordinates for the location of the mouse on screen? I have Photoshop CC. I'm creating interfaces and would like to be able to know the location of my mouse.

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Although I can't currently check as i don't have photoshop CC on this computer, from past experience if you go

Window -> Information

A palette should appear with the coordinates of the cursor in it.

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Press F8 to open info pallete It will show your mouse position in x and y coordinates

Alsoby pressing Ctr + R to view ruler in photoshop Take mouse to the top left corner of the mouse and by dragging from their you can also change 0,0 coordinates of x,y position to anywhere on canvas

For more help visit

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when you draw something like rectangle and draw with pressing space bar. It will show lively width height and x y coordinates as well in Photoshop CC

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