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I made a mistake in my mongo sharding setup - I had an error in my config database string. I tried to clean this up by deleting all the data in the config database servers, and restarting all the mongod services. However, even after restarting mongos I still initially get an error like this,

When I run :


I get :

mongos specified a different config database string : stored : <old string here>

Where is this this string actually being stored? I tried looking for it in the config databases themselves and also the members of the shard, but I can't seem to find it.

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Mongod/shards cache it in memory. You need to restart them. –  Asya Kamsky Jan 20 at 7:38

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As at MongoDB 2.4, the --configsvr string specified for the mongos servers is also cached in-memory on the shard mongod servers. In order for mongos servers to join a sharded cluster, they must have an identical config string (including order of hostnames).

There is a tutorial in the MongoDB manual to Migrate Config Servers with Different Hostnames which covers the full process, including migrating a config server to a new host (which isn't applicable in your case).

If you are still seeing the "different config database string" error after restarting everything, it's likely that you had a least one rogue mongod or mongos running during the process.

To resolve this error:

  • shut down all the mongod processes (for the shards)
  • shut down the mongos processes
  • restart the mongod processes (for the shards)
  • restart the mongos with the correct --configsvr string
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