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I am using strtus2

<s:checkbox  name="checkAll" theme="simple" fieldValue="true" value="%{checkAll}"
  onclick="javascript:show_op_col_url();return false;"></s:checkbox>

Java Script

function show_op_col_url() {

Action Class :

        protected boolean checkAll;

        public boolean getCheckAll() {
            return checkAll;
        public boolean isCheckAll() {
            return checkAll;

public String showOptionalColumns() {
String retString = SUCCESS;

..... //Comes here ..... return retString; }


<action name="showINOptionalColumns"
            <result name="success">

After Calling teh Action method in Action class, checkbox should be checked, but its always UN Checked. I tried debugging but it never calles the GET method. Get method is called when i come the first time on the page, before calling the Ajaxed action.

Any help ??? please reply urgent i am caught with no soluton for this.

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