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As strange as I find this, I have not been able to find a good PHP function anywhere which will do an intelligent parse of a user agent string? Googled it for about 20 minutes now.

I have the string already, I just need something that will chop it up and give me at least browser/ver/os.

Know of a good snippet anywhere?

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Yes, I know I can write my own, but I really don't have time at the moment. I need something I can plug in and use to finish up this project. –  Spot Jan 23 '10 at 10:12

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The get_browser() function has been available in PHP for quite a long a time.

The PHP manual is free, can be downloaded in various formats and viewed online (with comments)

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This would be a perfect example of how being up for more than two days can affect memory and cause you to ask extremely stupid questions about functions you already know about. :) Thanks –  Spot Jan 23 '10 at 10:21
The post below (github.com/garetjax/phpbrowscap) is what the PHP manual suggests. –  Jeremy Jun 25 '12 at 22:23

https://github.com/garetjax/phpbrowscap - this is a standalone library that aims to replace get_browser function. For shared hostings it seems to be a better option.

Works on: PHP 5

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You can try to use: https://github.com/tobie/ua-parser. This is multi-language tool to parsing user agent string. For PHP is here: https://github.com/tobie/ua-parser/tree/master/php

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Solution from 51Degrees.com is the way to go. It does precisely what you want, it is fast and precise, has a license compatible with both OpenSource and commercial projects.

Here is a link to an easy, 4-step setup for PHP.

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