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I am using DBCP connectionPooling..

Can anyone tell me does anything wrong from below approach? When I clicked login button, my page keeps loading and loading continuously..

class MyClass {

public MyClass() {
        dataSource = getDataSource();

private DataSource getDataSource () {

        //some pooling code that returns Datasource object
        //  I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong in my code getting Datasource object

    public static MyClass getInstance () {

        if (myClass == null) {
            myClass = new MyClass();
        return myClass;

    public final Connection getConnection () {

        try {
            return dataSource.getConnection();
        catch (SQLException sqle) {
            return null;


In another class, I am calling as below:

Connection con =  MyClass.getInstance().getConnection();

Please suggest me if anything wrong in my above approach ( ie., I am using some static methods, not sure its correct to use or not in case of connection pooling)

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make the constructor private for a singleton class –  Scary Wombat Jan 20 at 7:08
I guess there is nothing wrong in the approach –  praveen_mohan Jan 20 at 7:08
Did you tried in debugging mode. Try find the line which takes too much time to execute. –  Kanagaraj M Jan 20 at 7:27

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