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i have the following command

sed '/.*href="\(backup[^"]*tbz\)".*/!d;s//\1/;q'

which is works on my CentOS install.

But when I try to run it on FreeBSD i got the following error:

sed: 1: "/.*href="\(backup[ ...": extra characters at the end of d command
(23) Failed writing body

What's wrong with this? Thanks!

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Try to run it like this:

sed '/.*href="\(backup[^"]*tbz\)".*/\!d;s//\1/;q'

Note the extra \ character escaping your !d command

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Apparently FreeBSD sed doesn't like the semicolon as command separator. Try with multiple -e options instead:

sed -e '/.*href="\(backup[^"]*tbz\)".*/!d' -e 's//\1/' -e q

or perhaps newlines:

sed '/.*href="\(backup[^"]*tbz\)".*/!d

(Yes, that's a long single-quoted string with two newlines in it.)

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