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I would like to execute the flow based on a contains match

<Flow name="do_something_flow">
        <Condition>request.path MatchesPath "/**/india/blr/**"</Condition>

The flow should execute when ever the request path contains /india/blr for example


The above path expression does not work for the second and last path- where URL starts and ends with subpath. What i really needs is

request.path contains "/india/blr"
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In the pre-flow you can have a custom javacallout policy to match the path with contains condition. Then populate a variable Use that variable in the condition of your flow.

It is a round about way - but works in absence of a "contains" operator in apigee path conditions.

Alternately, you can try JavaRegex which is supported by apigee in conditions.

~~ ( JavaRegex operator ) Matches a javax.util.regex compliant regular expression

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Java regex works – Srikanth Jan 21 '14 at 5:15

Try changing your condition statement as

<Condition>request.path ~ "/india/blr/**"</Condition>
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To catch all 4 cases, you could use this:

<Condition>request.path MatchesPath "**/india/blr**"</Condition>

However, this is a overly broad and will also match paths like this:


So, to be more precise, you probably want this:

<Condition>request.path MatchesPath "**/india/blr/**" or request.path MatchesPath "**/india/blr"</Condition>
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neat hack similar to java regex :-) – Srikanth Jan 21 '14 at 5:16

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