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OK, so here's what I need :

  • We have the full XML of a Wikipedia article
  • We need just the Infobox section

I have tried various things, but my main issue seems to be not being able to matching "internal" curly brackets. Any ideas (or any regex you have managed to get this done?)

For those of you who do not know what I'm talking about, here's a (somewhat abridged) example of what I'm trying to parse : http://regexr.com?38299

(What is needed is the part between {{Infobox ******* up to its corresponding closing brackets (}}).

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I'm not entirely certain you can do that with regular expressions, but I recall seeing a lot of regular expressions in the part of MediaWiki that renders pages, so maybe you can. –  icktoofay Jan 20 at 7:58
@icktoofay It's not like I'm stuck with RegEx's. However, since I'm basically testing a scraping framework of mine (written in PHP, and supporting XPaths and RegExs for pattern extraction) I think this is the way to go here (or at least try it :-)) –  Dr.Kameleon Jan 20 at 8:00
You may want to at least take a look to see how MediaWiki parses them. You might be able to take the same approach. –  icktoofay Jan 20 at 8:04

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Ok, I got it!

Try this..:


Here's the working example:


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OK. Let me say just that : WOW!. Thanks a lot buddy! (I honestly didn't think anyone could get it right... Let me run several tests and you'll get all the credit you deserve! ;-)) –  Dr.Kameleon Jan 20 at 9:23

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