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I have a form where i have many music genres. An artist can be singing under many genres. I have put the genres in checkboxes. Now i need to store the values of the checkboxes in to a single field.

Can some one help me out with some code snippet as i am new to php programming?

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In general you shouldn't be doing it that way. Your database would not be normalized, and that would make it difficult to build queries on the genre field.

It would be a better idea if you would have a table called artists, and a table called genres. Then you would define the relationship between the artists and the genres in another table artists_genres, which table would simply holds an artist_id and a genre_id. You would still be able to have multiple genres for the same artist.

For example, consider the table structure as defined below:

 TABLE artists

 artist_id          name             surname
 1                  Alicia           Keys
 2                  Mariah           Carey

 TABLE genres

 genre_id           name
 1                  R&B
 2                  pop
 3                  hip hop
 4                  dance

 TABLE artists_genres

 artist_id          genre_id
 1                  1
 1                  2
 1                  3
 2                  1
 2                  2 
 2                  4

In this case, you would be able to build simple queries such as:

    artists.name, artists.surname
    artists_genres ON (artists_genres.artist_id = artists.artist_id)
    genres ON (genres.genre_id = artists_genres.genre_id)
    genre.name = 'pop';

The above would be quite difficult to achieve if the genres of your artists are stored in a single field in the artists table. Apart from the difficulty, it will probably be slow and inefficient, especially if you will be having many records.

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Why do you want to store multiple values in a single field - this will make searching/retrieval needlessly painful.

Either use a field per genre, or better still use a 'genres' table and 'artist_genres' lookup table.

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You could use serialize/unserialize, but you shouldn't save serialized data to a database.

You won't be able to use database functions on it (searching, ordering, etc.) i.e.

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You could serialize the data, for example:

<input type="checkbox" name="genre[]" value="Genre1"/>
<input type="checkbox" name="genre[]" value="Genre2"/>
<input type="checkbox" name="genre[]" value="Genre3"/>


// Don't forget to escape the POST-values
$genre = serialize($_POST['genre']);
$query = "INSERT INTO database (genre) VALUES ('" . $genre . "')";
   // Success

You can get the data back with:

$genres = unserialize($serializedGenre);
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MySQL has a SET datatype that would lend itself well to storing a set of checkboxes in a single column.

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