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I'm developing a site in Visual Web Dev Express, and when I run/debug, I'd like to be able to set my application's document root so that I can use safer paths, like "/css/style.css' instead of "css/style.css". How would I accomplish this?

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  • Click on the web site node in the solution explorer.
  • Press F4 to see the properties window.
  • Change the virtual path from /projectname to /

Bear in mind that this has an impact on how you expect the application/web site to be deployed. If it is ever used outside the root of a web server, the URL paths will be incorrect.

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I have been looking for the virtual path field in the properties window but haven't been able to find it... it only shows me the following options

  • aperture directory URL
  • complete access route
  • policy file
  • port
  • use dynamic port

Do you know of some place else where I could find the Virtual Path field?

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Select the "Web" tab and it's in the Servers section

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