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What actually happens when we do def someService? Does the service code get linked to the controller code?

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Grails uses spring IOC, your controllers and services are managed as spring beans, when you define a service inside a controller, spring will inject the service inside the controller, code does not get linked in anyway, just reference to service will be set. Though its not a much expensive operation, you would not want to define service dependencies that are not used to keep the code clean

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I think under the hood it's the same process as Spring's @Autowired annotation, so you pay a bit of a performance penalty on start up but I don't think it's significant.

There's another stackoverflow question on the subject here.

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Does the service code get linked to the controller code?

That does not make sense.

Actually services in grails are singleton by default.So if you inject a Service by def serviceName it wont create a new service object but a reference to same old service object.
So its not expensive of course.

But if in a service there is a property static session="prototype" or some non-singleton like this.Then it is expensive .

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