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I have an application in which i am loading a URL in android Webview. There is a login page in this URL. I am unable to login through android webview using the valid username/password but i can login using android browser.

Can anyone please tell me what could be the reason behind this ?

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did your webview allow javascript execution? and what do you mean by unable to login? what is your expectation after you click "login" button in the webview? –  Max Ch Jan 20 at 9:02
WebSettings wsettings = webView.getSettings();wsettings.setJavaScriptEnabled(true); Yes, i had enabled javascript for webview. The URL is navigating to menu screen after successful login in android browser but not in android webview –  ravi Jan 20 at 9:09
I see, after login clicked does it give you any error message instead then? –  Max Ch Jan 20 at 9:17
no i dont see any error msg. Do i need to enable any extras websettings to webview? –  ravi Jan 20 at 9:32
do you have something like this: webView.setWebViewClient(new WebViewClient()); ? –  Max Ch Jan 20 at 9:39
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