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UPDATE 2: [Update 1 at the end of the post)

I managed to do a checkout finally That's the good news ;).

The bad news is: It takes 2min 36 sec for a single commit. If I were a user of this program, I would not be waiting that long.....

"git" is, as always a instance of Repository, containing the repo... Next my checkout call:

git.Checkout(bss.getCommit(), CheckoutModifiers.Force, (path, completed, total) =>
        { // Update progressbar
            progressBar1.Maximum = total;
            progressBar1.Value = completed;
        }, null);

If you need the full source (99% uncommented), please ask and I will put the current version online.... Thanks for your answers :)


Florian Reisinger

Original post:

The title says it all ;) What is working: I have a Commit[] steps full of commits from a repo I want to checkout the Commit at position "i" git == Lib2Git Repo


As nothing happend I stopped the program. I do output the number of commits, which went down from 30 to 1.... I really need a helping hand...

PS: I do know that there is an overload

Checkout(Commit,CheckoutModifiers,CheckoutNotificationOptions, LibGit2Sharp.Handlers.CheckoutProgressHandler)

The last thing is a delegate. So the problem, I guess, can be described as "How to use the delegate as well, although I am not sure, that will help with the problem of going down from 30 to 1 commit....


Longer sourcecode. I want to implement bisect GUI using C# and libgit.... Code 1) Getting a Commit[] steps

List<BisectStep> bss = new List<BisectStep>();
        ICommitLog commits = git.Branches["master"].Commits;
        foreach (Commit c in commits)
            bss.Add(new BisectStep(c));
        steps = bss.ToArray();

In the same method then the Bisect stuff. I made a class BisectStep with the Commit and an int representing an specific value....

// Test oldest (Has to be GOOD)
        int i = steps.Length;
        int r = BisectStep.Result.SKIP;
            while (r == BisectStep.Result.SKIP || r == BisectStep.Result.NOTSET)
                r = doStep(steps[i]);
        catch (Exception ex)
        LastKnownWorking = i;
        if (r != BisectStep.Result.GOOD)
            MessageBox.Show("Problem can't be bisected!", "Out of range");
        r = BisectStep.Result.SKIP;
        i = -1;
        // Test latest (Has to be BAD)
            while (r == BisectStep.Result.SKIP || r == BisectStep.Result.NOTSET)
                r = doStep(steps[i]);
        catch (Exception ex)
        FirstKnownNotWorking = i;
        //Test rest

And last but not least the doStep Method

 private int doStep(BisectStep bss)
        git.Checkout(bss.getCommit(), CheckoutModifiers.Force, null, null);
        // Checkout
        System.Diagnostics.Process p = new System.Diagnostics.Process();
        p.StartInfo = new System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo(System.IO.Path.Combine(new string[] { tb_ondisk.Text, "instdir", "program", "soffice.exe" }));
         if (System.IO.File.Exists(p.StartInfo.FileName))
            return BisectStep.Result.SKIP;
        GBS form = new GBS();
        DialogResult dr = form.ShowDialog();
        int result = int.MaxValue;
        while (!p.HasExited)
            MessageBox.Show("Please close LibreOffice to continue!", "Close LibreOffice", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation);
        switch (dr)
            case (DialogResult.Yes):
                result = BisectStep.Result.GOOD;
            case (DialogResult.No):
                result = BisectStep.Result.BAD;
            case (DialogResult.Ignore):
                result = BisectStep.Result.SKIP;
        return result;

The "GBS" is a Win-Form with 3 Buttons (Good, Bad, Skip)

Hope this edit helps just a tiny bit ;)

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"As nothing happend" -> What output do you expect? Checkout will replace the content of your working directory with the snapshot of the Commit. If you're doing this in in a loop, there are chances only the latest commit will be reflected in your workdir. –  nulltoken Jan 20 at 9:34
As described in the documentation, by default it does not check out files, but makes the commit the detached head... I can change that with the CheckoutModifiers property. I honestly think, that the problem is, that I can't execute the second command, because I have no ideas of delegates (The last thing is a delegate, asking for "void(int,int,string)" [do not see this as quote, but it asks for that] –  Reisi007 Jan 20 at 17:41
As described in the documentation by default it does not check out files -> Looks like the documentations states otherwise. –  nulltoken Jan 21 at 6:59
Could you please enhance your question by describing what you're doing (a longer piece of code would be nice to get the context) and what you actually expect as an output? –  nulltoken Jan 21 at 20:18
PS: I want a checkout to overwrite everything. Do I have to delete every folder in there (except of the .git??) –  Reisi007 Jan 23 at 13:58

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Both flavors of the Checkout method will perform the checkout operation. The second flavor of the Checkout method will (with the delegate) will additionally report progress. You can see (a simple) example of this in the Checkout tests https://github.com/libgit2/libgit2sharp/blob/vNext/LibGit2Sharp.Tests/CheckoutFixture.cs#L391.

Note: Would you provide us with some more context, I'd gladly update this to better answer your concerns.

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