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Context: http transfer of a collection of images in a responsive web page. Images could be icon-sized, but they could also be larger. Want to reduce the number of GET requests, but also be able to resize images as required.

Standard solution: Use css sprites. In my case, css sprites got too complicated for me as the window resized - either a bit of some image appears, or the wrong image appears.

Question: Is it meaningful to instead transfer a single 'tar-like' archive file that the browser will 'untar'? This way it's possible to access each image file as opposed to css tricks like background-position.

I know that for html/css/js we can set content-encoding to gzip. What about images? It's not the compression (these are images), it's the 'directory structure' of a tar-like or gzip-like archive.

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kaioa.com/node/99 talks about this. I'm researching this now (came across your question on the way). Also: google.com/#q=alternative+to+image+sprites+css –  Steve Apr 15 '14 at 18:20

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