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On our Dev box, our application module contains references to the file:/apps/WebSphere61/systemApps/isclite.ear/ jar files and classpath entries. On our Prod box, however, it only contains the jar file containing all of our required classes. On Dev, this is causing a problem when using apache-commons-fileuploader as these classes are also references in the systemApps jar. How can we remove the systemApps library references from our application module's classpath?

Websphere Application Server

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There are a couple of spots where libraries are referenced.

I assume that you want test to match prod.

Start the admin console (on test). There are libs defined on the Environment > Shared Libraries area and also in the Applications > Ent. Apps. > "my ear" > (additional properties) Libraries section.

See if it's defined in the Env > Shared Libraries area and remove it.

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Nothing found in either of those but thanks for the effort. –  Chris Serra Oct 21 '08 at 17:36
I forget how we solved this issue, and I'm not with that company anymore. Since you're the sold answer, and it looks logical enough--I'll give you the solution :) –  Chris Serra May 26 '11 at 14:34

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