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I'm Creating a project for tailor system as a RESTful web service using dropwizard and SQLight as database with hibernate.The problem is that hibernate have no dialect for SQLight so by searching got a class code for SQLightDialect.

now I have to add SQLightDialect class for hibernate to use and don't know how to do it in dropwizard.

Please help.

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Solved by adding

Map<String,String> s=new HashMap<String, String>();


public class databaseConfiguration extends Configuration {

DatabaseConfiguration dbconfigurations = new DatabaseConfiguration();

public DatabaseConfiguration getDatabaseConfiguration() {
    //return dbconfigurations;
    Map<String,String> s=new HashMap<String,String>();
    return dbconfigurations;

Another Solution read on the Web is adding it in yml file like:

# the name of your JDBC driver
driverClass: org.postgresql.Driver
# the username
user: username
# the password
password: password
# the JDBC URL
url: jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/gis_database
hibernate.dialect: org.hibernate.spatial.dialect.postgis.PostgisDialect
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