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My question is how to create a list on google glass card like below -


Name           Address          Date 
Rakesh         Bangalore      12/1/2014
Rajesh         Delhi          13/1/2014 
Suresh         NY             14/1/2014

is any way to create List or ListView or Table or TableView like above ?

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Damn... are you coding for google glass? ...lucky –  Srikanth Jan 20 at 11:02
Yes, Srikanth, but facing lots of issue. If you have any exposure please let me know. Basically creatign a List, or table inside a timeline or card. –  Rakesh Jan 20 at 11:10
dir you get a solution on this one ? –  uLYsseus Feb 26 at 18:12
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You can use a ListView directly. It scrolls and everything.

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