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I just wondering why wt (the WebToolkit for c++) is not integrated with ExtJs 3.x whereas it is still using extJs 2.x.

and how is it possible to integrated it with the updated version of extjs I want to use some updated widget out of extjs 3.0 with the help of wt but unfortunately there is no chance :(


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Somebody needs to do the work. As with any Open Source project, that somebody could be you. – Hans Passant Jan 23 '10 at 13:56

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My understanding is that they're not so happy about Ext JS style widgets anymore, and prefer to use their own widgets.

I think it's the answer to most open source support questions. It's like nobody that's working on the project is interested in upgrading all the code to the latest version; if you really want it, do it yourself, or pay someone :)

There is some interest in it and more info here:

The summary there for not upgrading is basically:

No, I think they're not .. some boring licencing stuff no one actually cares about except for the Emweb guys :) And the fact that ExtJS is getting really buggy :-)

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