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I have a navigation bar in my jgrid and I've added so many buttons that they are superimposing to each other. This way it's difficult to see which button is which.

my navigation bar

I'd like to know how I can avoid this. Could I have two navigation bars? or a two-row bar? Maybe deleting the pager?

Thanks in advance


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I had the same problem as you and I solved it with jQuery adding more rows.

        var pagerNav =  $("#pagernav")
        var gridnavTbody = $(pagerNav).find("tbody").first();
        var navgridrows = $(pagerNav).find("td").first().siblings("td").addBack();
        $(navgridrows).wrap( "<tr><tr/>");

And this was the result:

enter image description here

Html before jQuery code Html before jQuery code

and this is after jQuery Html after jQuery code

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Thanks hect0r90. I'm a newbie with jqgrid and I don't know exactly how to use your code. Does the navigation bar have a "tbody" "td" "tr"? or should I write it? Why the "_" after "gbox"? thanks –  Natalia Genaro Jan 24 '14 at 11:10
I updated the code. The first line was only because I have multiple grids with differents names, but you can define here directly the pagerNav. The "tbody", "td" and "tr" was already there, I only surrounded each "td" with another "tr". –  hect0r90 Jan 24 '14 at 12:03

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