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I have 4 Activity classes e.g A, B, C and D here i am going to B from A and then C and in the menu of this(C) activity i have given a link for Activity A so when i am selecting that menu i am going to A and again from A i am going to B from here i am going to D and come back to B and then going to C. So overall scenario is A->C->A->B->D->B->C now the problem is while pressing back button it goes like this

C->B->D->B->A->C->A exit

but i want to use like this if users in activity A its directly close the app no need to go back to B and then C but if its in B then no need to go back in C Activity.So for the C and D i am using android:noHistory="true" and its working fine but i can't use this thing for B. because while coming back from D to B , i can't skip B Activity and directly jump to A. So now stack is like this:

C->B->A->A exit

Following that i have tried is:


Thanks for considering.

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Where you use Intent it stores the previous activity in the stack so use finish method to clear the stack like example

Intent intent = new Intent(A.this,b.class);
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this code will help you

 Intent intent = new Intent(this, FirstActivity.Class);
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