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I am working with Seagate Crystal Report Software. After having designed the report, I am facing a typical problem that needs to be addressed. Suppose I have multiple values in one column, seperated by a ','(comma). I need to display it in multiple rows. How do I go about doing that. Eg :

Table name : Student the student table from which report needs to be generated

The report should look like this : enter image description here

I know the basics of creating a report. So you can skip all that details while answering. Thanks a lot.

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I have achieved the desired layout by using line feed(Chr(10)+Chr(13)) as delimiter instead of Comma. That way, I do not need to make any change in Crystal Report. My purpose is achieved, but the solution to the original Question is pending. –  Ritwik Dey Jan 22 at 6:31
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Create a formula field named 'subjects':

// {@subjects}
Replace( {table.subject}, ",", Chr(10)+Chr(13) )

Add this field to the details section.

You could also create a SQL-Expression field:

// {%subjects}
  REPLACE( subject, ',', CHR(10)||CHR(13) )
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When I add this formula in the respective attribute in my table, it gives an error saying "Result of selection formula must be a boolean" –  Ritwik Dey Jan 21 at 8:39
The edit was useful. Thanks. –  Ritwik Dey Jan 22 at 14:02
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