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I have a large c++ project. Up until now I've been using lots of preproccesor commands to define variables which control the type of run the code does...by way of an example I have a line which says:

#define Time 1

which means the code should time how long it takes etc. But since I have about 10 source code files I have to stick one of these lines in every file and then change each one whenever i want to change how the code behaves. I have tried modifying it so that every source file has an include line to another file, "flags.h" which contains a list a bool's which control how the code behaves but when I do this I get an error saying there are duplicated symbols anywhere. Does anyone kow the correct for me to implement this? Cheers, Jack

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Can you give a small example of what would give that error? –  Joseph Mansfield Jan 20 at 12:29
Also, this is something you should get your build system to do. –  Joseph Mansfield Jan 20 at 12:29
Define them through the compiler's command line. Look at your compiler's documentation to find out how. (BTW: 10 source files hasn't been considered "large" for many decades.) –  molbdnilo Jan 20 at 12:48

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You will have to use inclusion guards around these flags. Thus something like:

#ifndef _HEADER_FLAGS_
#define _HEADER_FLAGS_

/* My flags */
#define Time 1

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I doubt it. Macro names aren't "symbols". But he's likely got something else being duplicated in them. –  Lightness Races in Orbit Jan 20 at 12:30
If this fixes the problem, it's not for the reason you're suggesting. We need to see their code to know what's happening here. –  Joseph Mansfield Jan 20 at 12:31
I've changed from using macros to using c++ bool's as mentioned in my question. I'm also already using those guards. Cheers. –  Jack Medley Jan 20 at 17:30

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