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i am developing an application where i want to do some smoke effect like animation and interact with that smoke.

Do i need to implement it OpenGLES or any simple solution?

Is there any sample application for it?

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You could just write a simple particle emitter for that. Is it for a Game ? or for another kind of Application ?

It also depends on the level of realism that you're looking for. A guy got down voted for mentioning fluid dynamics, but if you really want realism, that's the best way to go.

Having said that, you can really get decent smoke using a regular particle emitter (you could even try to code it on Core Animation and not in OpenGL ES).

Also, if you're targeting iOS 5.0+, UIKit now includes several Particle FX that you could use, you just have to play with the parameters... checkout this tutorial


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Yes, its possible with simple solution. You just need to use UIKit particle system. Have a look that sample, you just need to check fire and smoke sample.

Good luck

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Hmmm... i have no knowledge about OpenGLES, but there an alternative called iProcessing is designed to create native interactive apps for iOS, actually there no iOS version 5, actually are iOS 4 and iOS 3, maybe we can wait when they release new version of iOS 5.

You need a mac to use Xcode, iProcessing package includes sample projects for Xcode.

Honestly, i haven't tried it, but you can compare this code of the interactive smoke

Processing is awesome because you can use same codes for Processing.js and iProcessing, but it depends like importing libraries like OpenGL, etc.

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Googling for 'opengl smoke effect' gives a bunch of hits to papers, tutorials and code. Is there really nothing in there that you can use?

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