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I was wondering if it is possible to acces a field in a djangomodel from a string. Letme give you an example:


class Resource(models.Model):
    town = models.ForeignKey(Town, unique=True)

    coin = models.IntegerField()
    wood = models.IntegerField()
    iron = models.IntegerField()
    grain = models.IntegerField()
    stone = models.IntegerField()

Now somewhere in my other code, i would like to acces a field like this

resources = Resource.objects.get(town="some town"):

I know the resources.example doesnt work, i was wondering if there was some way to achieve that?

With kind regards, Hans de Jong

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You can access an attribute of any object in python by name using the getattr built-in function

resources = Resource.objects.get(town="some town"):
getattr(resources, example)
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