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I wonder how I can import an Interface Class in C++.NET which was written in VB.NET.

The Dll contains only a Interface class. If I write "Implement iInterface" in VB.NET, it'll load all Functions and Methods from the Interface.dll.

But how can I do this in C++.NET?

This is what the Interface.dll looks like:

Public Interface IPlugin
    Function CreateInstance( _
            ByRef pntMemory As MemoryArbiter, _
            ByRef pntMessageQueue As clsMessageQueue, _
            ByRef pntGPIO As clsGPIO, _
            ByRef pntProgramSettings As Types, _
            ByRef pntDisplayDriver As DisplayDriver _
        ) As Boolean

    Function DeleteInstance() As Boolean

    Sub Main_Loop()
    Sub ForceUnload()
    Sub Interrupt()
End Interface

This structure has to be imported to the c++ code.

In VB.NET it looks like this:

Imports System.ComponentModel.Composition
Imports System.Windows.Forms.Application

Imports Plugin_Interface
Imports SharedLibrary
Imports SharedLibrary.DisplayDriver

Public Class cPlugin
    Implements IPlugin

    '.... Class functions come here

I, however, just need a tanslation of the file above so I can import the C++ DLL via MEF in my VB.NET 2010 Application.

Hope someone knows how to handle this ... :)

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Hey Alex, sorry but doesn't seem so. –  AllDayPiano Jan 20 '14 at 13:13
Does no one have an idea? –  AllDayPiano Jan 20 '14 at 15:47

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