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I need my installer to install the .Net framework as a prerequisite and according to what Ive found online this is the way to do it:

      <PackageGroupRef  Id="NetFx45Web" />
     <MsiPackage SourceFile="... my msi.." />

However, I get this compilation error:

Error 53 Unresolved reference to symbol 'ChainPackageGroup:NetFx45Web' in section 'Bundle:SetupBootstrapper'. C:\Source\skystoredesktop\SetupBootstrapper\Bundle.wxs 8 1 SetupBootstrapper

What is wrong?

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Add a reference to WixNetFxExtension to your bundle project

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Thanks. Maybe you also know how to do this for Silverlight as I asked in… – Magnus Ahlin Jan 21 '14 at 10:51

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