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I am a big fan of agile development and used XP on a very successful project a few years ago. I loved everything about it, the iterative development approach, writing code around a test, pair programming, having a customer on site to run things by. It was a highly productive work environment and I never felt like I was under pressure.

However the last few places I have worked use/used Scrum. I know it's the poster child for agile development these days but I'm not 100% convinced it is agile. Below are the two main reasons why it just doesn't feel agile to me.

Project Managers Love It

Project managers, who by their very nature are obsessed with timelines, all seem to love Scrum. In my experience they seem to use the Sprint Backlog as a means to track time requirements and keep a record of how much time was spent on a given task. Instead of using a whiteboard they all use an excel sheet, which each developer is required to fill out, religiously.

In my opinion this is way too much documentation/time tracking for an agile process. Why would I waste time estimating how long a task is going to take me when I can just get on with the task itself. Or similarly why would I waste time documenting how long a task took when I can move onto the next task at hand.

Standup Meetings

The standup meetings in the previous place I worked were a nightmare. Everyday we had to explain what we had done yesterday and what what we were going to do that day. If we went over on our time "estimate" for a task the project manager would kick up a stink, and reference the Sprint Backlog as a means of showing of incompetent you are for not adhering to the timeline.

Now I understand the need for communication but surely the tone of daily meetings should be lighthearted and focus on knowledge sharing. I don't think it should turn into a where's your homework style charade. Also surely the hole point of agile is that timelines change, they shouldn't be set in stone.


The idea of agile is to make the software better by making the developers life easier. Therefore in my opinion any agile process used by a team should be developer led. I don't think having a project manager use a process they have labeled "agile" to track a project has anything to do with agile development.

Thoughts anyone?

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Though this question probably will get closed pretty soon and even if it might be a better fit for http://programmers.stackexchange.com or http://projectmanagement.stackexchange.com, i'm going to take a stab at this.

What you're describing is what we, Professional Scrum Trainers, see a lot in organisations that have "implemented scrum". Often they "Do XP in the development team" too, meaning that there are a few Unit tests running on a build server somewhere. This isn't scrum.

Yes, Project Managers can use a Product backlog, especially one that has been digitized, to abuse the hell out of the metrics such systems gather. But the Development Team and the Scrum Master should not let him. What is a Project Manager doing there anyway? Shouldn't that be a Product Owner?!

Just as XP can be done badly, and some more rigorous processes can feel very fluid (with continuous integration, deployment, but still very plan driven), Scrum is just a framework. It takes good people who understand the values and the process to execute it well. It takes Continuous learning an improvement to get there.

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By the looks of it you were just unfortunate to have a bad project manager who does not understand the ways of agile. The whole point is that you cannot set in stone how much time you spend building a certain feature, the only thing you can do is to make a reasonable estimate of which features fit in a sprint. Then, to 'kick up a stink' if you cannot finish a feature in the estimated time is bad practice in my opinion, not meeting a feature deadline is part of the game. Moreover, a developer should be appraised on the quality of his code as much as the speed of his development. As long as on average your features are done within the estimated time all should be well. Client happy, project manager happy.

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