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I'm using Scriptler plugin, so I can run a groovy script as a build step. My Jenkins slaves are running on windows in service mode. With scriptler, I don't need to use windows batch scripts.

But I have trouble to get the environment variables in a build step... This is working:


Where BASE is part of the env-vars on jenkins startup. However, I would like to get


If I'm adding an "Execute Windows batch command" build step:

echo %JOB_NAME%

It works. If I'm adding a scriptler script as a build step with the same settings:

println "JOB_NAME: " + System.getenv("JOB_NAME")

I'm getting:

JOB_NAME: null

So how can I reach the injected environment variables from a groovy script as a build step?

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The Scriptler Groovy script doesn't seem to get all the environment variables of the build. But what you can do is force them in as parameters to the script:

  1. When you add the Scriptler build step into your job, select the option "Define script parameters"

  2. Add a parameter for each environment variable you want to pass in. For example "Name: JOB_NAME", "Value: $JOB_NAME". The value will get expanded from the Jenkins build environment using '$envName' type variables, most fields in the job configuration settings support this sort of expansion from my experience.

  3. In your script, you should have a variable with the same name as the parameter, so you can access the parameters with something like:

    println "JOB_NAME = $JOB_NAME"

I haven't used Sciptler myself apart from some experimentation, but your question posed an interesting problem. I hope this helps!

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Thanks, for the answer, I just found the same solution 2 hours ago. –  Ocsi Jan 21 at 18:27

You might be able to get them like this:

def thr = Thread.currentThread()
def build = thr?.executable
def envVarsMap = build.parent.builds[0].properties.get("envVars")
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Looks hacky but works... –  Rajish Sep 12 at 11:56

listener and build objects present during system groovy execution. You can do this:

def myVar = build.getEnvironments(listener).get('myVar')
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