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My html is like this, I can only identify the div's class, there are no span' ids. I need to replace one href text and one image with some other text within those spans.

<div class ="myclass">
    <span style="vertical-align:middle;">
      <a href="http://link1"></a>

    <span style="vertical-align:middle;">
      <a href="http://link2"></a>

    <span style="vertical-align:middle">
      <span class="myspan">
        <a href="http://testlink3">
        <img title="test" class="imglink"></a>

      <a href="http://link4">Text - *This text needs to be replaced*</a>

in the above code, I need to replace the img within the third span with a clickable text (which should take us to url) and the text within fourth span to a new text (keeping the url the same).

How can I get identify these specific spans when they are missing ids/classes?

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Why don't you just give them IDs? –  Blazemonger Jan 20 at 14:20
there is a closing </a> missing, typo or not there? –  Sergio Jan 20 at 14:20
api.jquery.com/eq –  Blazemonger Jan 20 at 14:20
@Blazemonger the code was getting generated from an XSLT, I cant give them IDS, it is not in my hand. –  svs Jan 20 at 14:22
Is it ok for <code>img</code> tags to be inside a <code>span</code>? –  tasteslikejava Jan 20 at 14:24

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You could use document.querySelector to select an a based on the href:

document.querySelector("a[href='http://link4']").innerHTML = "The text you want to put in"

Since you're open to jQuery, this works too:

$("a[href='http://link4']").text("The text you want to put in")
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href is dynamic, it will varie for each refresh, so I cannot identify it based on url. –  svs Jan 20 at 14:29
Is it always going to be in the last span of the div? Also, what's the class of your div? –  knrz Jan 20 at 14:31
yes, there links are always going to be third and fourth span of the div. Added div class to the code, please see above. –  svs Jan 20 at 14:55
var s = document.getElementsByTagName('span');

var i = spans[2].firstChild.children[1]; // here you find your img
i.parentNode.appendChild(<<your new text element>>);
i.parentNode.removeChild(img);// remove the image

var a = spans[3].firstChild; // here is your href
a.innerHTML = 'your new text';
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We have 3 different things to do here:

How to replace the content inside a given element

This can be done very quickly:

$("selector").html("New text, same href");

Replace a given element with another

This can be done this way:

$("selector").replaceWith("<a href='somewhere.html'>I replaced  an Img</a>");

Selecting the DOM elements

When you don't have an ID, nor a CSS class for your element, but you do know its position within another element plus some info about the element (like tagName), you can select the parent element and specify a relative position.

var myElement = $("parentElement").find("tagName:eq(position)");

Remember that this kind of selector ( "tagName:eq(position)") is zero indexed, so if you want to grab the third element, you need to tell jQuery tagName:eq(2).

So, let's say you parent element (not given in the question) is a div with a parent CSS class.

First thing you want to do is select this div.

var parent = $(".parent");

Then you want to find the Img within the third span.

var myImg = parent.find("span:eq(2)").find("img");

Now you can replace this element with the whatever you want

myImg.replaceWith("<a href='somewhere.html'>I replaced  an Img</a>");

Note that jQuery allows you to pass HTML elements as a plain string.

Finally, you need to change the text inside the fourth span. This can be accomplished this way:

parent.find("span:eq(3)").find("a").html("New text, same href");
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This one is replacing the text only on the second span and i need them to be replaced on third and forth spans –  svs Jan 20 at 15:26
Take a closer look. var myImg = parent.find("span:eq(2)").find("img"); this selects the img in the third span, while parent.find("span:eq(3)").find("a").html("New text, same href"); does the magic on the fourth one. –  Augusto Jan 20 at 16:34

You could use :nth-child() selector to select from the div you can identify.

More on :nth-child(): http://api.jquery.com/nth-child-selector/

Then select the img tag from the child span you found.

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