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I have a big list of Twitter users stored in a database, almost 1000.

I would like to use the Streaming API in order to stream tweets from these users, but I cannot find an appropriate way to do this.

Help would be very much appreciated.

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Is that "list" as in "twitter list" or as in "python list"? –  balpha Jan 23 '10 at 15:42
A list stored in a database. Which can be transformed in any kind of list. –  RadiantHex Jan 23 '10 at 15:53
Okay. Appearantly it wouldn't matter anyway; it seems the streaming API doesn't know about lists yet. –  balpha Jan 23 '10 at 15:56

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According to the Twitter API documentation, you can only use the streaming API to follow up to 400 users. For more than that, you'll have to request an increased access level for the account you use to access the API.

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Thank you balpha, that was a very helpful answer! Do you know if using the streaming API would affect the basic 20k req/hour? –  RadiantHex Jan 23 '10 at 15:59
@RadiantHex: I wouldn't think so; as far as I get it, the standard rate limits ( apiwiki.twitter.com/Rate-limiting ) and the streaming API limits are totally separate things. Even if that wasn't the case, it's still just one request, even if you stream for 24 hours, right? :) –  balpha Jan 23 '10 at 16:10
Thank you very much for your help balpha! :) –  RadiantHex Jan 23 '10 at 19:32

You can track 400 filter words and 5000 userids via streaming api. Filter words can be something apple, orange, ipad etc... And in order to track any user's timeline you need to get the user's twitter user id.

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