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I have some platforms ("static Object") where my player jump ("Dynamic Object") onto them to get coins. I would like know what the better way to make moving my physics platform automatically on the screen ? Is it the transtition.to() the only way to do that ? Or the Velocity could do it ? Or something else ?

Thanks for your reply, I need really to know that to goahead in my game.

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When its the case to move physics objects, transition.to() is not recommended. You can simply create a method, which will work in enterFrame and change the position of the object. If you encounter some problems, you can try to change object types of the platforms to "Kinematic".

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Thanks dude, At last, I'm using the velocity and the "kynematic" physic, that's the best way and the easiest I think.

Because transition.to that's so hard with physics

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