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In my corona application, I have a character that can fly during the gameplay. This is accomplished by touching a jump/fly button. I have achieved this as:

local c=false  -- Flag residing fly/jump button state

function up:touch(event)
  if event.phase == "began"
  elseif event.phase =="ended" then 

function jump(event)
  if c  then
    character:applyForce (0,-300, character.x, character.y)

up:addEventListener( "touch", up )
Runtime:addEventListener("enterFrame", jump)

Now I need to disable the button until the character reaches the ground again. For that, I've decided to check the character Y position on runtime, but don't know how to do that. I'm not sure whether this is the correct idea or not. If you have a better option then please suggest me that also.


  1. I want to make function that would calculate object.x and object.y coordinates and saving them to x and y variables all the time when app is running.
  2. I'm starter in lua, is it there any way to program in c++ in corona?

Now I want to check disable the jump button once pressed.

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What are you trying to accomplish by this? –  Ryan Stein Jan 20 at 16:13
the thing is, that I want to set button for jump only to be able to pressed, if the character is on the ground. So i need a y coordinate of character to see if jump button is able to be pressed.. –  user3215624 Jan 20 at 16:57
Couldn't you just check the character's y when you need it? –  Ryan Stein Jan 20 at 17:06
If you know C++ you will find Lua straightforward. The Corona docs are excellent. Show some effort and try something based on the docs. Show what you have tried then we can help you. –  Schollii Jan 20 at 17:15
where i should put the statement? i have function to checking if button was pressed.. if button was pressed some variable value become true and that's how the other function knows that character must move... if i put the statement to check (if character coordinate is the same as ground) the coordinate of y in first function button just stop to work.. so i would like to write coordinates on screen to se what's happening with values... it would hellped me also with some other solutions in app.. –  user3215624 Jan 20 at 17:16
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This does what you are asking

local objX, objY
local obj

--this runs every frame
local function onEnterFrame( event )
   objX = obj.x
   objY = obj.y 

Runtime:addEventListener( "enterFrame", onEnterFrame )

And for the C++ part, I don't think you can do that, Corona's scripting is in Lua. read this to learn Lua

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