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I'm getting an error because of one page the ViewState is always lost after a postback.

This happens only on one particular machine. If I take the whole code and move it to another server with the same configuration, the code works just fine.

Is there any setting in the IIS that could prevent the ViewState from being in use?

Note: It happens only on one page, all other pages that are using the ViewState und Postbacks are working fine.

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if it happens only on one page that means there is no server configuration issue , something to do with that page –  Adam Jan 20 at 15:32

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ViewState for this page is true, right?

May be you remove form tag ?

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Everything was fine with the ViewState, but I figured out the Problem (see my answer). Thanks anyway! –  Andy Jan 20 at 15:38

Allright, a co-worker got the answer:

One machine was a production environment, while the other was just a testing machine. For identification I had a text in the master page, either "Debug" or "Test", but on the production server, I removed the control.

I did it in the OnLoad Event, which seems to be terribly wrong, because it crashes the ViewState somehow.

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