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I have read various topics about Exceptions, Errors, Error Codes etc. I've searched an answer through stackoverflow's questions, but I still have some misunderstandings... So while reading my question please lets think more about delivering better results to the customer, instead of following "theoretical" patterns which may not work in a true life scenario. So Let's go:

Some specifications, to add transparency to our situation:

  1. 3 Layers (DataAccess -> Service -> UI)
  2. Repository Pattern
  3. ORM - NHibernate
  4. IoC - Castle Windsor
  5. User Interface Framework - ASP.NET MVC3

The scenario:

Suppose we have a service interface:

public interface IProductService
    // Just get the products from DB
    IList<Products> GetAllProducts();

    // Makes a conversion between product's current UM and requested 'toUnitMeasure'
    double ConvertUnitMeasureTo(Product product, UnitMeasure toUnitMeasure);

Now lets analyze what things may happen, for the both methods:

  1. GetAllProducts(); :

    • The resulted list could be empty.
    • The DB may throw an SqlException.
  2. ConvertUnitMeasureTo(Product product, UnitMeasure toUnitMeasure); :

    • The product might be not found in the DB.
    • The toUnitMeasure might be not found either.
    • product's current unit measure might not be convertible to toUnitMeasure (eg: MASS to LENGTH)
    • some sort of ArithmeticException's etc.

Ok so far so good. Lets take a look at the controller:

public ActionResult Index(ProductViewModel model) 
        // At this point, some of the (above enumerated) situations may occur.
        // Some of them are Exceptions while another
        // are unpleasant but 'expected' situations.
        var result = _productService.ConvertToUnitMeasure(model.Product, model.UnitMeasure);


How to treat all those situations inside the Controller? while:

  • Delivering a (localized) answer to the client.(eg: HardCoding the message inside a CustomException.Message, is not suited for my case)
  • Being able to distinguish each situation that may occur, in order to take a specific action for it (eg: if The toUnitMeasure might be not found either. to make an RedirectToAction("CreateUnitMeasure","UnitMeasure"));
  • Keeping the Controller 'thin' as possible. Eg: Avoid to implement the conversion method inside the Controller, instead of the Service Layer, through separating the ConvertUnitMeasureTo(..) into smaller service methods. (hope no explanation needed)

Your answer is valuable for me so please do not hesitate to express yourself.Thank you very much for attention.

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