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is there any way to prevent the empty view which appear when I load the app in the first time or to change it by any custom view

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What do you mean prevent an empty view? If there is nothing to show there will be empty. If you want to show something then insert it in the editor. Your question is not clear of what you want exactly. –  lantonis Jan 20 at 15:30
You can change the background of the activity kinda like a splash screen while it is being loaded –  exehs Jan 20 at 15:34

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I believe what you are searching for is a SplashScreen

Here's an example Splash Screen Example

Or refer to this post

Hope it helps.

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I have seen the link of splash screen example and what I have done is to add this android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Black.NoTitleBar" to the launched activity –  begiPass Jan 20 at 16:47

You can use a dubious progress bar if your app takes some time to launch. You can also use a simple splash screen.

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