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I am new to Windows Azure Developement and VS2013. I was trying to follow a VS2010 tutorial from pluralsight.com where the presenter creates a new MVC 4 Web Application Visual C# in Windows Azure. When prompted he adds a Worker Role and a Web Role to the Application when setting up the project.

Since this tutorial was done, Windows Azure seems to have changed alot as well as VS project setups.

How do i do this in VS 2013 ?

I have downloaded the Windows Azure SDK 2.2 for VS2013 I am not seeing the same workflow for setting up the project . .

Can someone please help me ?

solution explorer MVC 4 Web Application VS 2013

Here is what the MVC project solution explorer looks like, but when i right click to add there is no Roles items to add. How can I do this?

For some reason even after installing the Azure SDK this is all that shows up. Does this mean that the SDK is not Installed Correctly?

enter image description here

This is what pops up

enter image description here


I reinstalled the Windows Azure SDK for VS 2013 and now the Cloud Service option is showing up. Looks like you cannot run a VS2013 Express Version side by side with a Premium VS 2013 Version.

enter image description here

Another thing to note here was that I had to hit tools, and connect to my Windows Azure Account even after logging in with my Microsoft ID using Tools -> Connect to Windows Azure

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You need to add a cloud project. At the solution level, FILE >> NEW PROJECT >> Templates >> Visual c# >> Cloud >> Windows Azure Cloud Service.

enter image description here

Then, Visual C# >> ASP.NET Web Role

enter image description here

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Can you please look at the updated post above. I am not sure if windows Azure SDK is installed correctly. –  inner_class7 Jan 20 at 16:14
When i click that to add the Windows SDK it pops up the Web Application Installer and then tells me there is nothing to install. . . –  inner_class7 Jan 20 at 16:15
something is definitely not installed correctly. Make sure you close and relaunch VS2013 as well. –  viperguynaz Jan 20 at 16:20
I removed the Web VS2013 express. I am trying to uninstall the current SDK and reinstall it. This does not make much sense to me though since i have already created a windows Azure project and have it connected to my account and running. very confusing –  inner_class7 Jan 20 at 16:37
This works great for me in 2012. Thanks for the Help . I think 2013 is configured wrong. I need to set it up again and try the same thing. –  inner_class7 Jan 20 at 16:53

Since you have an existing ASP.NET MVC project, the easiest way to enable this as a Windows Azure Cloud Service (Web Role) is to do the following:

  1. Right click on the ASP.NET MVC project name
  2. Select Convert
  3. Select "Convert to Windows Azure Cloud Service Project"

Visual Studio will then automatically create a new Windows Azure Cloud Service project in your current solution, and will a new Web Role to the Cloud Service project.

Add a new Windows Azure Cloud Service project

New Web Role created

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I am not seeing this. I think there may be an issue with having vs2013 express installed next to vs2013. I am uninstalling that express version and going to reinstall the SDK and see if i can do this. –  inner_class7 Jan 20 at 16:29

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