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I'm building a MVC4 application in VS2013 and I'm having some difficulty getting the HTTPS aspect to work correctly.

As it currently stands, I've been setting up my website application settings with IIS7 Manager and I can't seem to figure out where the issue is. When I browse to my site, everything loads fine, up to the point of actually being redirected to the HTTPS part. The steps are as goes.

  1. Site properly loads, and can navigate anywhere.
  2. Click link to redirect to login, (login controller has the [RequireHttps] attribute)
  3. User is informed that this is a "bad certificate" (it is I created a self signed one)
  4. Click "ok continue to site"
  5. Get "503 error - service not available"

I've enable permissions on this folder for "IIS_USRS" and "Guests". I know the application pool is started for the HTTP part, does it need a separate application pool for HTTPS? or am I missing something here? Also, I've looked at the EventLogs and I'm pretty confused at what I really should be looking for.

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