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I want to create a namespace shell extension which allows users to browse content of my archives directly in Windows Explorer (like zip files). I have some experience in creation of NSE and it is not problem for me to implement all nessesary interfaces. The only thing I dont understand how to register such NSE in Windows registry. And how can I force Explorer to open my archive programmatically from context menu shell extension (in new or in the same window).


I examined .zip registry keys and tried to register my NSE with the same way.

My extension is .0003. I created the following keys:


@="test only"




@="%SystemRoot%\\Explorer.exe /idlist,%I,%L"




For testing I run the following command:

explorer.exe /root,{B1BE3C6B-25E2-47DE-8AB9-878FCA3CD01A},"f:\1.0003"

And I see in logs the following:

  TWCXNamespaceRootFolder is created
    TWCXNamespaceRootFolder.QueryInterface IShellFolder out Result=S_OK
    TWCXNamespaceRootFolder.IShellFolder.BindToObject started
      TWCXNamespaceRootFolder.IShellFolder.BindToObject in AItemIDList=F:\
      TWCXNamespaceRootFolder.IShellFolder.BindToObject in AReserved=0000000000000000
      TWCXNamespaceRootFolder.IShellFolder.BindToObject in AIID=IShellFolder
      TWCXNamespaceRootFolder.IShellFolder.BindToObject out Result=E_NOTIMPL
    TWCXNamespaceRootFolder.IShellFolder.BindToObject finished
  TWCXNamespaceRootFolder is destroyed

Shell request IShellFolder interface of parent folder of my file. Is it normal? Where is my mistake?


The problem is solved. It is necessary to add additional registry key

HKCR\CLSID\{extension CLSID}\Implemented Categories\{00021490-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}

After this Explorer uses my extension correctly. Some detains can be found here.

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