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So this is my code:

    <div class="catmenu">
        $sql_produtos = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM categorias");

        $menu = Array();
        while ($m = mysql_fetch_array($sql_produtos)) {
            $menu[] = Array('id'=>$m['id'], 'title'=>$m['title'], 'parent_id'=>$m['parent_id']);

        function has_children($rows,$id) {
            foreach ($rows as $row) {
                if ($row['parent_id'] == $id)
                    return true;
            return false;
        function build_menu($rows,$parent=0)
            $result = '
            <ul id="mmenu" class="tonho">';
            foreach ($rows as $row)
                if ($row['parent_id'] == $parent){
                    $result.= "<li><a onclick='trigger();' href='index.php?area=editar_categoria&id=".$row[id]."'>{$row[title]} <img src='img/editar.png' width='15px' height='15px'></a>";
                    if (has_children($rows,$row['id']))
                        $result.= build_menu($rows,$row['id']);
                    $result.= "</li>";
            $result.= "</ul>";

            return $result;
        echo build_menu($menu);

This code is generating me this output: Demo

And i want to convert this Hover submenus to clickable Submenus, so when i click the mouse the submeus shows insted when i hover the mouse.

I know that this can be done by using javascript, but my knowledge of JS is little, my main is PHP.

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