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I'm building a PLT using

dialyzer  --output_plt lib.plt --build_plt --apps stdlib kernel mnesia ssl public_key crypto erts asn1 inets sasl odbc

It spits out some errors about unknown functions in modules I don't care about. For example:

  Compiling some key modules to native code... done in 1m10.81s
  Creating PLT lib.plt ...
Unknown functions:

Can I tell dialyzer to ignore these? Should I actually care about them?

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You don't need to care about those warnings. It just means that dialyzer won't be able to check the types of arguments in calls to those functions, so it might not find some discrepancies that it would be able to find if those functions were included in the PLT.

For a more complete analysis, add compiler to the list of apps you're building into your PLT.

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I had put compiler into the list, but the more I add to the list the more unknown functions there are. I got to where it was complaining about the lack of wx for my non-GUI code and then I came here. Also, my question about ignoring them is because I want to know if I've left out important modules. But I've got so much dreck in there I can't tell. –  Nathaniel Waisbrot Jan 20 at 21:22

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