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So i was trying to use the bootstrap Carousel, but it doesnt loade the picture. If i add a link from a picture on google then it does show it. Is there something i'm doing wrong with the relative paths ?

code path

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You need to useimg/img1.jpg, not img\img1.jpg.

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just tried it, didnt help. I am using XAMPP btw. –  MrMe TumbsUp Jan 20 at 18:20
And what happens when you go to http://localhost/img/img1.jpg in the browser (assuming localhost)? –  ceejayoz Jan 20 at 18:26
he doesnt find it since i'm using a frontcontroller, but when i go to its full path, then he does. –  MrMe TumbsUp Jan 20 at 18:42
and ofc i forgot to look in my error_log wich say's: "[20-Jan-2014 19:46:28 Europe/Brussels] File not found: application/controller/ImgController.php" but how can i solve this ? –  MrMe TumbsUp Jan 20 at 18:47
Fix your config to not pass valid file URLs to the front controller. –  ceejayoz Jan 20 at 18:50
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