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I am developing simple internet browser, which is able to open more "tabs", as common browsers do. I would like to open "_blank" links and popups always in a new tab. I call


and in my WebChromeClient's onCreateWindow method I add new WebView to my screen and call


Everything works fine, popups are displayed in a new tab, but when I remove the "popup" tab from my screen, newly created popups are not displayed, probably because the removed WebView is still set as target for resultMsg. Also onCreateWindow is never called again.

How can I force WebView/WebChromeClient to call onCreateWindow every time it is needed? Can I unassign WebView from WebViewTransport object to stop opening popups in that WebView?

Thank you!

More info: My Browser Activity consists of ViewPager. Tabs are implemented in Fragments - each WebView has its own fragment (tab) in ViewPager. Tabs are dynamically added/removed from ViewPager. These are my full WebView settings:

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Can you post your manifest XML? –  WOUNDEDStevenJones Jan 23 at 15:56
My manifest xml is pretty long, please can you suggest what should I check there? –  Berťák Jan 23 at 15:59
I've had a similar issue in the past where a new (duplicate) activity wasn't going through onCreate, but instead would only go through onResume due to something about launchMode in the XML. –  WOUNDEDStevenJones Jan 23 at 16:03
In order for the WebViewTransport to properly work, the WebView you are setting as the Target must be empty and can't have any history. If you create a WebView and set it as the target, later remove the WebView and then try to set it as the target, onCreateWindow will fail because you didn't send it a blank WebView. Make sure you're creating a new WebView every time onCreateWindow is called. –  A.C.R. Development Jan 30 at 3:11
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