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I am using matplotlib to graph out some data in which takes time over a time, therefore I have to use plot_date in order to plot my lines. But for some reason Plot_Date and Plot have completely different formatting as far as connecting lines.

Here is what It looks like when using plot(x,y) Pic1

Using plot(x,y,'bo') or plot_date(x,y,'bo') Pic2

Plot_date(x,y) looks like that ^^ too.

and using plot_date(x,y,'bo-') Pic3

How do I make it so that the result of plot_date looks like the first picture? I have looked all over the Matplotlib website and couldn't find anything.

Thanks in advance

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Upon further investigation I found that in order to display a solid line without dots, I needed to use the line style 'b-', making the code plot_data(x,y,'b-').

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