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This might be a silly question, but, given the output of, say..

>>> from dis import dis
>>> def myfunc(x):
...     print x ** 2
>>> dis(myfunc)
  2           0 LOAD_FAST                0 (x)
              3 LOAD_CONST               1 (2)
              6 BINARY_POWER        
              7 PRINT_ITEM          
              8 PRINT_NEWLINE       
              9 LOAD_CONST               0 (None)
             12 RETURN_VALUE        

..or a .pyc file - is it possible to reassembling this into a valid piece of Python source code? I.e where reassemble(dis(myfunc)) == "def reassembled_function(x):\n print x ** 2"

Not for any particular practical reason, I'm just curious if this is possible, or has been attempted..


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This works, but it's quite badly out of date and will have problems with some newer language features (and will probably plain refuse to work on Python 3). – Max Shawabkeh Jan 24 '10 at 1:00
looks like there is a fork that is still active at and works for python bytecode from 2.5-2.7 – Mike McKerns May 14 '14 at 0:12

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