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I need to return only the facet counts from solr. So I basically want to search over all documents and return the facet counts, but I don't want to return any search results. Is this possible?


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Setting &facet=true will enable faceting and setting rows=0 will prevent any results being returned. Conviently the numFound will show you how many results were found.

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I guess the obvious solution would be to search using a wildcard and specify that you want zero results returned.

That's my solution so far.

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Returning zero results along with a wildcard on the id field is going to be the easiest. –  Andrew Ingram Oct 20 '08 at 11:13

So, from what I have understood if I need to get facets count for all documents in a paginated system, I need to make two requests (selects):
- The first to get the facets count for all documents.
- And the second to get the documents from current page.

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