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When I make a static card with a FULL image layout, it looks like there's a shading gradient that fades from dark to clear from bottom to top. This is great for cards that have text, but if I don't have text, I'd like to see the image without modification.

Card card = new Card(this);

I'm interested if there's a way to specify this with Cards. I know I could make a regular android view as an alternative.

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I came across this same issue, and got around it with a custom view just consisting of an ImageView as I couldn't find a way to do it with cards, which is a shame as I agree without text the gradient is pointless. –  Ben Feb 25 at 14:44

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The latest update seems to have killed static cards. However the XE16 GDK has the new authentication features (https://developers.google.com/glass/develop/gdk/authentication) these will let you put a static card in via the Mirror api. These can have HTML and css elements to do the gradients or other items as you see fit.

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I read the release notes and as you mentioned here, it says static card support has been removed. But i can still use the Card class which essentially creates static cards. What does this mean ? –  Chirag Apr 21 at 12:55

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